River rafting in Rishikesh is an extreme adventure outdoor activity. It requires a minimum of 6 people in a Raft. Each member of the raft has a significant role in raft safety. You need to follow the instructions given by the guide/instructor present in the raft. Forward, Backward, Stop, Bend Down are some basic commands that you need to follow while on a raft. Small children, pregnant ladies, old people, and medically unfit people are not advisable to do Rafting activity. Safety precautions in Rafting should be followed and Do follow all the instructions given by the guide and the tour operator.
There are two-three slots of rafting here, one is of your 6 km and one is of your 16 km and one is of your 26 km, which has just recently updated the price which has also become a rafting association different counter system. If done, now their price has also been slightly reduced, its charge is now 600 km of rafting and 600 km of rafting which starts from Shivpuri, its charge is 1000 hai and 26 km which starts from Marine Drive. Charge 1500 per is person, In 4 km, you will be one and a half to two hours and in 14 km, it will take you two and a half to three hours and in 26 kilometers, you have four hours of approximation, it is the best time for rafting if you talk about the best time, then tomorrow. By the way, it is a good time and by the way rafting starts, your rafting starts from September to June. Code is then water flow B is great because then two to three months closed See should get what time rafting Better. 

White River Rafting: There 4 Stretch Available for River Rafting in Rishikesh.

  • 08 Km (Brahmpuri to Laxman Jhula), No of Rapids – 4
    Best time for Brahmpuri river rafting September to June
  • 16 km ( Shivpuri to Laxman Jhula), No of Rapids – 8 to 9
    Best time for Brahmpuri river rating October to June
  • 24 km (Marine Drive to Laxman Jhula), No of Rapids – 12
  • 32 km ( Byasi to Laxman Jhula), No of Rapids – 15

What to carry for river rafting

Comfortable clothes, waterproof small bag, pair of sleeper

The wall Rapid is the most famous rapid in Rishikesh, which is offered in 32 km rafting. Only Certified rafters are allowed in Wall Rapid.